Master of None Season Two: A Review

As a long time fan of Aziz Ansari, I was excited to discover that he was getting his own show, and even more excited to know that it had been renewed for a second season, and overall, I wasn’t disappointed.

Season Two picks up from where the first season left off, with Aziz’s character Dev in Italy making pasta which isn’t as good as he’d like to believe.

The series once again focuses on Dev’s love life, particularly surrounding a girl he met in Italy, and once he moves back to New York the series kicks off in full swing, giving us a much more rounded view of Dev’s character as well as his friends.

In Italy, he’s texting his ex, Rachel, on and off, but determines that it’s probably not the best for him since he’s trying so hard to get over her, and that’s another lesson learned, because Aziz seems to enjoy mixing the comedy with real life lessons, and for the most part it works.

For what it’s worth, the humour at times seems a little too obvious, which is fair enough since it is a comedy show, but for me I prefer more organic sounding, off the cuff humour, which the show fails to do.

It makes up for it, however, with its rich character building and stories.

I have to admit, when the main story arch for this season started to form, I was a little worried because I thought it was going to romanticise¬†the whole ‘naive girl learns all from smart man’ trope, but it managed to avoid that, and although the ending confused me it gave off a smart lesson that people are all fucking assholes, even the ones who care about you and love you, which is jaded and dark but nevertheless true.

Overall, I preferred this season much more than the last. It was funny, engaging, and easy to watch, and shows Aziz at his best: a caring, smart man with a hilariously wonderful outlook on life, despite all the shitty things that happened to him.

And we get to learn right alongside him.


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