Get Out: A Review

Deemed the most important movie released this year, focusing on issues of race in modern-day America, I was intrigued when I heard about this so-called horror movie featuring a social commentary, and I went to see it at the first available opportunity.

And it was fantastic.

There are very few films that can be funny, smart, scary and self-aware all at the same time, but Get Out makes it look easily.

The story starts with lead character Chris asking his girlfriend, Rose, if her parents are going to be fine with the fact that Chris is black, and she says they’ll love him. And she wasn’t lying, it’s just that their reasons for loving him are a little more sadistic than he could ever imagine.

Flash-forward to him being at the house, where he starts to realise there’s something a little off about this family. The mother is some crazy physic witch, and the entire family are vaguely racist, making comments and remarks that you hear white people say about black people all the time, turning Chris into an odd caricature of what white people believe black people are like. They think they’re strong, fast, and the family seems to have a weird, inexplicable fascination with that.

While Chris is getting more and more weirded out by the family, his friend Rod is telling him he’s crazy for visiting a white family who lives in the middle of nowhere and has black servants which they swear are ‘just a coincidence’.

I won’t spoil any more of it, but it’s fucked up just enough for you to believe that it could actually happen, as well as presenting the idea that seems to elude most white people that if you compliment a black person by turning them into a stereotype of your own antiquated ideas and values of what a black person should be, no matter how nice you’re trying to be, you’re still racist.

Basically, I walking into this movie thinking that white people are bat-shit crazy, and by the time I walked out, it wasn’t just a thought, it was something I now knew.


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