Harry Styles: A Review

So, boy-band extraordinaire Harry Styles has branched out into solo endeavours, and apparently wants to change the music scene right along with it, so when I heard about his new album release, I just had to listen to it, and I’m pretty impressed with the results.

Upon the release of his first single Sign of the Times, I wasn’t particularly excited. The build-up of the music was epic and substantial enough to get me to listen, but it was repetitive and too long for what was being said, and that’s how I feel about the album as a whole.

The repetitive lyrics that you usually find with pop music mixed with the country-rock vibe that the album possess is odd, but the little Styles does say he says pretty well.

He comes into his element the most with the more upbeat, frantic songs on the album. Kiwi in particular, with its eccentric lyrics and maddening beat, is a favourite of mine, with his vocal talent shining through while maintaining the rugged Harry Styles we know and love.

I never particularly listened to One Direction, but I always had a soft spot for Harry. He seemed to be someone I would probably get along with, and this album proves that.

Despite this, however, I can’t help but think he was at times a little too inspired by other musicians. He was trying too desperate to be like the next Rolling Stones, or the next George Straight, to the point where at times you lose the sense of Harry Styles, who has enough charm and talent to match everyone he seems to be attempting to be.

My favourites off the album would be Sweet Creature, Kiwi, and Carolina, with my least favourite being Woman for the simple fact that it depicts Harry as a jealous ex who just can’t let go, but overall, I like the album. The songs hold their own, there nothing that seems to just be there for the sake of being there, and you can tell he loves his work more than anything he’s said before.

And, with the success of his debut album, we may have another Justin Timberlake level of success on our hands, which I for one am happy about.


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