Quoll Writer: A Review

As a writer, I’m constantly looking for new ways to write, along with new software that can help aid me in planning and sculpting a novel, and with all of the different things I’ve tried over the years, Quoll Writer has never failed me. For me, Quoll Writer is the perfect second draft machine. ¬†Mainly […]

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How To: Write A Book

As this is something I’ve attempted many times over the years and have mostly failed spectacularly with, having finally gotten to a point where I may actually write and edit a book to completion is a huge milestone for me, so since I’m in the home stretch of my very first full length novel, I thought I’d cover all of the basic steps along the way…

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Harry Styles: A Review

So, boy-band extraordinaire Harry Styles has branched out into solo endeavours, and apparently wants to change the music scene right along with it, so when I heard about his new album release, I just had to listen to it, and I’m pretty impressed with the results. Upon the release of his first single Sign of […]

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Ten Must-Reads

These are all books I’ve loved for a while. They’re all books that opened up a new world for me that I had yet to experience. And they’re all books that I couldn’t put down…

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I’m very afraid of the idea of missing out on brilliant pieces of art whether they be in film, TV, or book form, so I’m starting this review page as a way of forcing myself to experience new things…

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